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City Lots Now Few And Far Between
d street
The east side of the D Street project as the City of Oakdale continues to work on bringing the current dead end road through to North Stearns Road, near the entrance of Oakdale Golf and Country Club. - photo by TERESA HAMMOND

Remodel permits and home improvements are on the rise for the City of Oakdale. It’s a fact which comes as little surprise to City of Oakdale Senior Building and Fire Inspector Brian Odom.

“It’s completely built out except for 10 lots,” Odom said of Bridle Ridge, Oakdale’s largest subdivision. “All that’s left in Bridle is 10 lots.”

The senior building inspector shared there has been some interest in those 10 lots from a builder. If all goes to plan, there should be movement on it by late fall to early spring. An additional lot at the end of Greger just before Crane, may be a viable addition to the subdivision next year.

“Then that would be a complete build out of Bridle Ridge, 100 percent,” Odom said.

As for the commercial land located on the city’s west side at West F (Highway 108) and Crane Road, Odom shared there has been little by way of movement in that development.

“We’re just trying to find the right folks and the right fit,” he said of the commercial zoned property and its importance to the community members on the west end.

“The goal is to have commercial there,” Odom continued. “Sooner or later, I think someone’s going to come in. It’s just a matter of time.”

In addition to the 10 lots in Bridle, a 56-unit apartment complex on the southeast side of town is also seeing forward movement.

As far as the free standing buildable lots sprinkled throughout the city limits, Odom shared there’s not many remaining.

“We’ve been staying busy here,” he stated. “There’s been an influx of home remodel permits. We were seeing home remodel permits on a weekly basis. That’s telling me that folks are staying put and putting their money where they’re at.”

As buildable lots become more scarce, attention to finish the D Street project continues, Odom said.

“Things continue to be steady,” he said. “Things are still good. Homes are still selling.”

As for future land for home lots and commercial property, Odom shared the potential of growth is there, through the proposed Sierra Point annexation but that’s going to take time. The Sierra Point annexation is the land east of Orsi Road to South Stearns.

“We’ve been so fortunate over the last few years,” Odom said of work being able to continue throughout the city. “You know even though we had some good amount of rain things were always still moving forward. A lot of work going on.”