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Student Achieves Perfect Attendance
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Holden Titus

What’s the secret to having perfect attendance from Kindergarten through sixth grade?

Magnolia Elementary School student Holden Titus appears to have the answer. The sixth grader has not missed a single day of school in his seven-year academic career in Oakdale, and he’s the only elementary student in the district with that record this year.

“Just probably eating healthy,” Holden said of one reason he hasn’t missed any school. “…If you run around just after you eat, you throw up and that just goes on. After I eat, I relax for about half an hour and that’s how I don’t get sick.”

He said that it helps that he likes school, too. It’s also clear that he doesn’t want to get behind on schoolwork.

“I know I have to make up work (if I miss school). I just want to do it so the teacher can explain it… If you have to do makeup work then you fall behind on other stuff and you keep making it up,” he said.

Holden reported that he had a goal of having perfect attendance after he figured out in the third grade that he had never missed a day of school. He said he was excited about it and thought that he should keep the streak going.

He said that at the end of this trimester, which happens Thursday, May 26, he will have 21 perfect attendance awards.

“I feel pretty proud,” he said. “It’s really hard to never miss a day of school – and most kids try to miss.”

Aside from being healthy and motivated, Holden also has supportive parents and encouraging teachers.

He said his parents, John and Melissa Titus, like to make sure his attendance is good and tell him to wait until school is out for the day or wait for school breaks if they’re going to travel. He added that they’re proud of him for his accomplishment.

Over the years, he said his teachers have occasionally told him to “keep on going” with maintaining his attendance record as well.

“It’s definitely not something easy to do and we’re proud of him,” said Magnolia Principal Julie Minabe. “In the six years I’ve been principal, he’s only the second one… Obviously, the parents are supportive of education and the child has to be motivated to come to school.”

She added that teachers, parents, and the students all play a role in good attendance.

Holden reported that he’s going to try to keep his perfect attendance going through high school, but first he has to conquer junior high school. He also has a plan to keep his perfect attendance record intact.

“Keep doin’ what I’m doin’,” he said. “Probably staying fit would help, too. I play different sports: baseball, basketball, soccer.”