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Knights Ferry School Benefits From Community Volunteerism
kf doors 1
Knights Ferry School teacher and mastermind of the school door project Kim McCarthy stands between two of the doors painted by artist volunteers. Teach Peace at left was painted by Michelle Patton, while eighth grader Hayden Cassaretto and mom Kym used their talents for a patriotic themed door, at right. - photo by Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Community spirit and volunteerism is alive and well in the community of Knights Ferry. This continues to become apparent each year as the start of school lingers and this year was no different.

According to Knights Ferry School Superintendent/Principal Janet Skulina (Dr. J), four school projects were started and completed due to such efforts. The two most visible to students returning earlier this month were the re-painting of the multi-purpose room and custom painting to each of the school doors.

“These two activities (four if you include the tan bark and sprinkler system) had tangible evidence of the work that our families give back to the school all the time,” Dr. J said via e-mail “Whether it’s helping paint or helping with Spanish Club or teaching art lessons in class. The community can be involved in very active ways here.”

Knights Ferry School kindergarten teacher Kim McCarthy was the brains behind the door painting project. An avid artist herself, McCarthy shared the idea was inspired as a means of encouraging artists to utilize self-expression.

“Some of the doors that are done here are by artists in our school,” McCarthy said. “It’s kind of a collaboration of a lot of different people.”

In early spring of this year, the kindergarten teacher reached out to a pool of people she felt might be interested via e-mail. Contributing artists for the project included community members, area artists, KFS alum, teachers, parents and current student body.

The only request by McCarthy was that the doors were school appropriate and inspiring to students. With no budget to draw from, she also asked that they bring their own outdoor paint supplies, which they did.

“I didn’t want to hamper anybody’s personal creativity in the process,” she said of leaving the art up to the artist.

Aside from adding beauty to the campus, the teacher set a goal to have it completed by summer’s end, offering dates to the volunteers of when the campus would be available.

“People just miraculously showed up to paint them,” she said.


As for the end result, the visionary shared, the response of the students returning to campus was the most gratifying.