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Alert - Suspicious Van In Area
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Police have issued an alert to all Neighborhood Watch captains regarding a suspicious white van that had been reported as following a 15-year-old Oakdale girl for four blocks before driving off when the frightened teen ran in the direction of a police officer.
That incident occurred Sunday, Nov. 20 in the area of First Avenue and G Street around 7 p.m. The teen had been walking home when the white van with two adults began to follow her, cruising at about 5 mph for four blocks.
The driver of the white van was described as a white male with a large beard. His passenger was described as a Hispanic male adult. The girl guessed their ages to be approximately 40-50.
By the time police were notified and responded to the area, the driver of the van had turned off and could not be located.
This is the second incident of similar circumstances that has occurred involving a white van. The first incident occurred earlier in the month in the area of I Street and Yosemite Avenue. Several reports have also been filed by local schools reporting the van in their vicinity. The district implemented its ‘all call’ system when the van was spotted, alerting all parents to the incident.
The Oakdale Police Department is working in cooperation with the school district and is urging all community members to also keep a sharp eye out for any suspicious activity, particularly if a white van is spotted cruising slowly near a school or playground.
To report any suspicious activity, call the Oakdale Police Department at 847-2231.