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Boutique Brings Fresh Approach To Style And Brands
new boutique business
New business owner Adrianna Alves in her newly opened downtown Oakdale business Wynfull + Wonder, named for the love of her dogs. - photo by TERESA HAMMOND

This might just be a blend of fashion that area shoppers have been looking for.

Tucked away in the parking area of Oak Valley Community Bank, Wynfull + Wonder offers a variety of name brands for the brand minded, as well as affordable fashion finds

Boutique owner Adrianna Alves may call the city of Riverbank home, but she is excited to bring her love of comfort, style and fashion to the 95361.

With a physical address of 132 N. Yosemite Ave., Oakdale, the quaint brick storefront faces the ever popular Third Avenue construction zone. A fact which some new business owners might find daunting; Alves shared it’s almost fitting with how her life as an entrepreneur began.

According to Alves, she first began by making masks for family and friends in the spring of 2020. Making them simply for family and friends early on, she was encouraged by many to begin selling them.

“They started to sell,” Alves said, noting it sparked her interest in going back to work and starting her own business.

As the popularity of her masks grew, she partnered with three shops in the valley. Boutiques at Tiffany’s in Oakdale was one of the shops.

“Tiffany was awesome with me,” Alves said of the shop owner, encouraging her to start with a small space in the shop. “She allowed me to get a small little area and the next thing you know a year later I was in a bigger area.”

Beginning back in the business world as a vendor was the perfect transition from the stay-at-home mom who longed to create something that was hers. As she did, the vendor space she occupied also grew and she began looking for a shop space in the Oakdale area.

“It sparked something in me,” she said of her vendor space. “I really want to have something of my own, but searching for a commercial space is very difficult.”

Learning of the vacancy of the location she recently relocated into, the business owner shared it just felt right.

“It’s been opportunity after opportunity to grow something I didn’t know I wanted,” she said.

Moving into the new space, Alves and her family made the transition happen in two quick weeks before opening her store. She also put some thought into the boutique name, prior to ordering the awning which graces the front of the building.

“We love our dogs and one of them, is just a really loving shepherd and she’s always very happy,” she said. “I wanted to integrate how happy she was.”

Turning to Google and a word search, she happened upon Wynfull, which she shared is Old English for ‘happy’.

“The wonder part, is the childhood wonder of my pets,” she said of her three dogs. “I have a son, he’ll be 17 in December and our business is named after our dogs. So, it just goes to show you how important my dogs are.”

The quaint space has been filled by Alves with an inventory which offers a variety of fashion options, as well as gift items and a recently added bridal accessory line.

“My purpose is to try and marry brand names so Oakdale doesn’t have to drive to the nearest mall or Nordstrom,” she said of her assortment. Wynfull + Wonder carries name brands: Sanctuary, Steve Madden, XCVI, Z Supply, Hobo and Bolsa Nova. Brands Tommy Bahama and Free People will be added in the spring.

“At the same time, I try to do boutique styles, which are less in price because they’re not brand name,” she added, “but they have the style so I try to marry them both.”

Alves also noted that while she’s happy to offer brands to shoppers, due to the size of the boutique she won’t host the entire line, but will have a nice variety.

“What I wanted to do, is that customer connection,” she said of her goal as a business owner. “When anybody walks in, they’re a friend. They’re supporting me. They’re coming to visit me, they’re coming visit the store, they’re coming to check it out and that means the world to me.”

“The difference is the connection to the customer,” she added of transitioning from a vendor space to a storefront, “and me being able to put the special touch in the store instead of me sharing myself with a group in a larger store. It’s putting my signature on it.”

There’s also the responsibility of being committed to being in the space 100 percent of the time as the primary employee. Currently the shop hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“My promise is never to close the doors right at 5:30 if there’s customers,” she shared. “I’ve stayed open one night until 6:30 because someone was shopping. People have work hours and can’t always make it.”

Customer service, connection to the customer and hosting a memorable experience even if they leave with nothing, is all very important to Alves.

“It is frightening,” she said of opening her own storefront, “but I have so much peace and excitement behind that fear that I’m almost giddy about it. But it was my next move. It’s fun. It really is fun. I have to have fun doing it.”

Wynfull + Wonder can be found on social media, as well as on their website