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Have You Seen This? That squirrel can water ski
Never has a water-skiing squirrel looked so intense and so hardcore, living the squirrel life. - photo by John Clyde

SQUIRRELANDIA In the immortal words of the world's greatest newscaster, "That squirrel can water ski."

Well, Mr. Burgundy was right: that squirrel can water ski.

When I first came across this video I thought, "Great, another water-skiing squirrel. That's about as original as a new Transformers movie." Much as I did with the Transformers movies, however, I totally watched the video, and I was totally more into it than I was Optimus Prime and a stuttering Shia LeBeouf.

Something about this squirrel is way more intense than the other water-based vermin you've seen in the past. This little rodent means business, and he's as hardcore as Bodhi from "Point Break." In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the squirrel had robbed a bank, BASE-jumped off a mountainside and surfed in the dawn's early light, all before he jumped on these skis.

This squirrel may be named Twiggy the Water-skiing Squirrel, but from now on he'll be known as Twiggy "Bodhi" the Water-skiing Johnny Utah Squirrel in the Clyde home.

Some say Twiggy seems hardcore because of fancy editing and music, but I think it's his raw magnetism. Man, that squirrel is cool.