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Have You Seen This? How to carve a pumpkin with firepower
We've all carved a pumpkin, but my guess is none of us have done it like this. - photo by John Clyde

CARVING TOWN It's the Halloween season, which means it's time to buy candy, carve pumpkins and complain about the Christmas decorations on display at the supermarket.

What we're focusing on here, however, is the pumpkin carving aspect.

We've all done it before, open up the top of the pumpkin, rip out the guts, make a huge mess, and have an end result that is nothing like what you had envisioned. Well, this guy has found a faster, cleaner and far more dangerous way to carve a pumpkin.

Disclaimer: I do not suggest you try this. Just watch this guy try it and move on with your day.

This guy thinks we've been carving pumpkins wrong all these years and that the correct way to do it is with a rifle and some marksmanship.

The man uses his rifle to make a jack-o-lantern. Sure, it's not as fancy as your neighbor who basically carved the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in her pumpkin, but the way he did it was pretty impressive.

Why use a rifle to carve a pumpkin? I'll let this gem of a man tell you why in his own words. Here's what he wrote on the description of his video:

"Again, it's my feeble attempt to educate the masses about how to properly and safely carve a pumpkin. Word has it that people are still using dangerous, sharp knives to do this. As I always have to point out for some folks, this is not a marksmanship exhibition; it's just the proper way to carve a pumpkin."

There you have it, apparently it's safer. It's not. It's not safer.

Have a safe Halloween everyone.