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5 streaming movies perfect for your outdoor summer party
Hook (1991) - photo by Travis Poppleton
As the little ones begin heading off to school and workmates remind you of their coming fantasy football league, its becoming clear the final days of summer are upon us.

Before long, Count Chocula will be on grocery store shelves and standard apparel will include long sleeve shirts and lint-magnetic sweaters. But before you rush into celebrating pumpkin spice season, why not fire up the grill for one last summer get-together. And to help out with the entertainment, weve come up with five movies streaming on either Netflix or Amazon Prime for the perfect for outdoor viewing experience.

Batman (1966) Amazon Prime

What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree and is very dangerous? If you answered a sparrow with a machine gun, you understand why the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman adventure is exactly the movie for your summer party. If youre in the right mood, this movie is still genuinely funny for grown-ups while also doubling as a bright and colorful superhero movie for the kids though I still get a bit choked up thinking of that porpoise giving its life for the dynamic duo.

Roman Holiday Netflix, Amazon Prime

While true black-and-white films are risky for a general gathering, theres a good chance Roman Holiday will win over any skeptics. Not only is it an adorable princess movie, its a classic romantic comedy starring two of Hollywoods most beloved legends.

Also, as an interesting side note you can tell your guests this is the only movie Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for, though youll need to quickly add that she was presented a humanitarian Oscar posthumously in 1993. Once you bring up that side note, however, youll probably want to add that she should have won the Academy Award for The Nuns Story in 1960 but then youre kind of just rambling, and someone will inevitably bring up Room at the Top and youll start arguing and youll wish youd forgotten the random trivia entirely and just let the movie speak for itself. But no, really, Hepburn shouldve won in 1960.

Ferris Buellers Day Off Netflix

At this point, Ferris Buellers Day Off is practically an educational movie, isnt it? People drop the Bueller? Bueller? line without having any idea where it came from, and your summer party is the perfect place to introduce guests to the source material.

Still the role Matthew Broderick is most recognized for, Day Off is just vapid fun for a mindless afternoon. And as a bonus, youll get to listen to that Yello song at 103 minutes.

Hook Netflix, Amazon Prime

Lets be honest, Hook may not be a perfect movie, but it still might be the perfect movie for your summer outdoor movie party.

Hook is a big, bright, practical-effect-driven adventure that enjoys some inspired casting. As we gear up for Joe Wrights take on the classic characters this October, remind your party guests of a time when 3D wasnt a necessary addition for any film with a flying sequence.

James and the Giant Peach Netflix

There are gobs of animated films streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime right now including How to Train your Dragon 2, the complete Wallace and Gromit collection and Disneys Robin Hood. These are all great choices for your party, but for our list were going to suggest James and the Giant Peach if only to bring it to your attention.

Directed by Henry Selick, the stop motion and live action crossover never really gathered the audience some of Selicks other works enjoyed like The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is also streaming on Netflix. However, the exaggerated art design mixed with Roald Dahls fantastical story about an orphan and his magic peach generated a smaller and just as dedicated fanbase, of which you may be one viewing away from joining. If you dont end up liking it, well, at least you saw that amazing Jack Skellington cameo.