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Mr. Pickles Deli Shop Opens
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Mr. Pickles sandwich makers, Shelby Wolf and Jessica Mahaney, are busy at work preparing a delicious sandwich at the new deli located near the East F Street Starbucks. - photo by Kim Van Meter/The Leader

It’s hard to miss the dancing and waving pickle standing alongside East F Street. But just in case you missed it, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop has come to Oakdale and they’re offering top-notch deli sandwiches made to make your mouth water.

The franchise, which boasts 58 locations, primarily located in California, recently staked its claim on Oakdale, taking the spot formerly occupied by Juice It Up near the East F Street Starbucks.

Franchise CEO, Frank Fagundes decided to open in Oakdale when he realized there was a desire from the residents.

“We had many requests from email and comments from customers asking if we’d ever come to Oakdale,” Fagundes said. “Juice It Up already had the infrastructure and it was just cost-effective to make the move.”

Although some have lamented the parking situation at the new plaza where Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop shares space with Starbucks and Supercuts, Fagundes isn’t concerned, saying, “My first store in San Mateo had two parking spots. People find a way to get there if they want to.”

That certainly seemed to be the case as Fagundes was able to turn one store into many with great success.

Fagundes founded Mr. Pickles in 1995 with 25 years of experience in the food service industry. Born in Daly City, Fagundes has created his franchise with a belief in giving back to the communities his business serves.

Fagundes said he’s already created relationships with the local schools for fundraisers and when he started looking for a franchisee for the new Oakdale location, he was very selective about his choice, wanting to ensure not only the right fit for the business but for the community.

“I turned down 14 applicants for this location,” Fagundes said. “I put a lot of thought into the franchisee.”

He selected Sandy Hamilton, a local woman with a son on the Oakdale High football team, who is already invested in the community.

Thus far, the business is doing well in spite of the recent closure of Highway 120 into Yosemite National Park due to the Big Meadow fire.

“It’s going really well but we need the road back open,” Fagundes said, noting that much of their traffic is travelers heading to the national park. “Once that happens, it’ll be fine.”

Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches are made with high quality meats, served on San Francisco style breads that are freshly baked with daily specials made to tempt your palate.

“We have great clientele and a great product,” Fagundes said.

Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop is located at 1342 East F St., Ste. B.