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Little Luv Bugz Offers Quality Gently-Used Items
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Owner of Little Luv Bugz, Sarah Perry, smiles with a customer at her newly opened gently-used childrens clothing and accessories store located in the Kmart shopping center on South Maag Avenue. - photo by Kim Van Meter/The Leader

For parents operating on a tight budget — or maybe just enjoy a bargain — the newest clothing retailer in Oakdale should be right up their alley.

Little Luv Bugz, owned by former Escalon native Sarah Perry, is a gently-used children’s clothing and accessory retailer — not a consignment shop — and she’s open for business.

Located in the Kmart shopping center on South Maag Avenue, Perry, herself a mother of two small children, saw a need in Oakdale for the parents and grandparents who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on clothing or children’s accessories, such as high chairs and hair bows, but would like to find quality items for their loved ones.

Perry, who grew up perusing thrift stores for hidden gems, said you can find amazing deals out there, you just have to look.

“I grew up going to thrift stores and knew the value of a dollar. It was an adventure going out to find that bargain,” Perry said.

But today, more than ever, the search for the best deal is on most parents’ minds as they hit the stores.

“For me, it’s all about the kids and helping out the everyday working parents out there,” Perry said. “We know there are so many people out there who can’t afford much. We’re trying to keep our prices low so people can have quality clothes at a price they can afford. We want to give them the best bang for their buck.”

To that end, Perry only accepts the highest quality clothing without rips, stains or other defects and only manufactured within the last three years. Then, she gives the clothes another once-over before putting it on her racks or shelves.

“I Lysol the shoes, and if I see something that needs a spot clean, I’ll do that, too,” she said, as she shined a toddler’s set of shoes to a gleaming white. “We also check recalls on children’s items and if it turns out that it was recalled with replacement parts, we get the parts and then issue the paperwork with the item so people know it was replaced.”

And everything from big box store brands to high-end designer brands are on the racks.

“We get a variety,” she said. “People bring in bags of clothing and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming but it’s nice to meet the kids and see the moms.”

Perry got the idea when her son, now five months, weighed in over 10 pounds when he was born, zooming past the infant stage outfits she’d received and straight into a three months size.

“I had all these brand new clothes that he couldn’t fit and I didn’t know what to do with,” Perry said.

She figured she couldn’t be the only one with excess kids’ clothing that could be put to use for someone else.

Little Luv Bugz came to life and she found the perfect location, which made the decision seem like the right one.

In addition to clothing, she carries hair bows and diaper cakes, both of which she makes herself. She also carries a small selection of maternity clothing.

“The diaper cake,” she explained. “Is just a nicer way to give someone diapers as a baby shower gift than putting them in a gift bag.”

Since opening in July, Perry has experienced all sides of running a business from a hectic schedule to meeting new people.

One such experience left a mark, validating her decision to open this particular business.

“A young mom with a 3-week-old baby in a 10-year-old car seat came in. She couldn’t afford a new car seat and I couldn’t sell her one but I told her if she gave me her old car seat I’d exchange it for the one my son had outgrown so quickly. She did and after I gave her mine, I took the old car seat, cut the straps and took it to the trash. Even if I can’t sell it, if it’s something someone needs, I’m going to see that they get what they need,” Perry said. “It was very rewarding.”

Little Luv Bugz has a Facebook fan page. ‘Like’ it and you’ll be updated on sales and news for the newest clothing reseller.

Layaway is also available, which is right in time to start thinking about Christmas budgeting.

Perry accepts clothing buys by appointment only.

To call for more information or to make an appointment, call 845-9881.