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Fishing Report
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As a beginning fisherman I only had one or two lures I was confident in and used those lures regardless of the weather or time of year. I didn’t catch fish every time out but do remember doing okay, some days were just better than others. Just the other day while cleaning out some of my old gear I ran across some of those “old faithfuls,” as my father calls them. There they sat collecting dust on the bottommost of my tackle box. My immediate thought was of disbelief, as they looked so dated. I then glanced towards one of my newer baits and noticed the improvements that have been made over the years. There were a few baits that haven’t changed at all; the Cordell Spot made by Cotton Cordell for example still remains the same and is still as effective as when it first hit the market. Looking back I guess I miss the days when I had only one or two lures to choose from. The simplicity of just making cast after cast until getting bit is often missed. The more I think I know about fishing, the more difficult it’s been to catch fish sometimes. Next time your out on the water and the bites are far and few tie on one of those “old faithfuls,” and give those fish a cast from the past.

Delta Report:
Fishing on the Delta continues to be good right now for largemouth bass. Fish are being caught on a variety of techniques. As more baitfish make their way through the system fishing should get easier. Jigs and lipless crank baits are accounting for a lot of numbers right now. Striper fishing is still spotty with most fish being caught by those fishing the west side of the delta. As the water temperature drops the stripers should begin to make their way further through the system.
New Melones Lake:
Trout fishing is great right now as many anglers are catching them while trolling between 35-50 feet deep. Anglers are focusing near the mouths of coves and creek arms such as Carson or Coyote Creek while using shad-patterned or fire tiger lures such as an Excel, Apex, Needlefish, or Rapala Countdowns. Bass fishing has slowed down recently as smaller fish are being caught on small plastics during the day. The crappie and bluegill bite is good to fair for those fishing the backs of brushy coves; Glory Hole Cove is one of the hot spots right now.
Lake Don Pedro:
Trout fishing remains good right now with most trout being caught by trollers. Anglers are trolling between 35-55 feet deep with Apex spoons. Bass fishing is slow right now with lots of smaller fish being caught but very few of any size. Anglers are currently catching bass while drop shotting and spooning anywhere between 25-35 feet deep.
Lake Camanche:
Trout fishing is hit or miss on the lake right now as anglers are struggling to find the trout. Most anglers having success are having to troll at least down to 35.’ Bass fishing is great first thing in the morning as well as right as the sun starts going down. During the day, anglers are struggling to get many bites. The best bite on the lake right now seems to be from the catfish. Anglers are catching them day or night off the bank while fishing stink bait.
Lake Pardee:
Trout fishing is fair right now for anglers willing to fish the early morning hours. Most anglers that are having any luck are trolling small lures like needlefish, wobblers, or Uncle Larry’s fire tiger all tipped with scented with corn. Bass fishing is decent right now for smaller fish. Small worms and lures are working well while fished around the sparse wood found along the shoreline. Catfishing is really good for anglers fishing off the bank around the launch site cove. Anglers are doing well while using a variety of catfish favorites with the most popular bait being chicken livers.