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Locals Battle At Global Knockout 7
Tarzan Calls It A Career

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort was the site for Global Knock-Out 7 Saturday night, Aug. 27. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans were treated to a dozen fights and saw everything from knockouts to tap outs. On the card were three local fighters: Angel “The Dream” DeAnda, Sergio Vazquez and Martin “Tarzan” Sandoval.

DeAnda is a middleweight who fights for and trains with Last Stand Fight Team in Oakdale. DeAnda took on Mike Jasper of Elite MMA in the main event of the evening. The two entered the cage for a chance at what would be a number one contender for the Middleweight Championship. After a quick start by Jasper, who caught DeAnda off guard with a jab that cut his forehead, things looked dim for DeAnda. However DeAnda answered back with a take down and controlled the rest of the round.

“We started off the first round trying to get a feel for one another and our styles. He did connect with a jab that cut me open a bit; after that I took him down and took over,” DeAnda said of the physical first five minutes of their fight.

The fight was scheduled for three-five minute rounds and that’s what the large crowd on hand witnessed. DeAnda and Jasper went the distance, leaving the contest to be decided by the judges. Following deliberation, the judges came to a unanimous decision for DeAnda.

“He is a tough guy, and he started out with that big jab but my Ju-Jitsu took over and over matched him,” the Oakdale product said of his win.

With the win he improved to 15-5 and is on the radar of UFC and others, according to DeAnda.

“This win was huge for me, it put me back on the map and now I have a shot at the Middleweight title in November. From there who knows.”

For nearly a decade DeAnda has been training the art of kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu at Oakdale MMA and teaches a women’s self-defense and kickboxing classes at the facility.

“Oakdale MMA has treated not just me, but everyone who trains there great. It’s the best in the area. I’ve been there for nine years, the team’s great and they treat us (the fighters and people who train there) great.”

Up and comer Vazquez (4-3) fell to Angelo Trevino (3-1) of Alpha Male via TKO in the first round. Vazquez, a Welterweight, is 34 years old and has been training for three years at Oakdale MMA. This was his first fight since 2014.

Also appearing on the card was Martin “Tarzan” Sandoval. Sandoval (9-7) fell victim to an arm bar at the hands of Joby Sanchez (8-2) resulting in a second round submission. Sandoval is a graduate of Oakdale High School, where he wrestled for the prestigious program. Currently Sandoval lives in Autlan de Navarro, Jalisco Mexico.

“It’s too bad that it went down that way, because I had won the first round. I took him down after pinning him up against the cage in the first round. The second round he took me down with a double leg take down and I was fighting off my back. When I got back to my feet, he caught me again and I could not do anything after that,” admitted Sandoval.

The veteran fighter has decided to call it a career and focus on his family and his Academy in Mexico.

“I want to thank my sponsors; Café Bravo, Autlan MMA, Autlan Fit, A&M Tire, Swanberg and Sceville Dental, Dos Changos Locos Tattoo, Troy Martin Art, Knockout Artist, Tactical Violence, Vanquish, War Tape, T.P. Express, Fitness Plus and Aarons Heating and Air Conditioning. I also want to thank my fans, all of my family for all of the endless support over the years. I hope they keep supporting all of their local athletes.”

Sandoval began training in 2005 and never looked back.

“I was always active in team sports, so it would frustrate me to not see results even if I was working hard at it. In MMA; you are the ultimate outcome of your hard work. That really excited me,” Sandoval said of his training and love for the combat sport. “I do not, and never have considered myself to be a MMA fighter, I always thought of myself as a mixed martial artist.”

Sandoval turned pro within three months of training and had his first fight in 2006.

“My wrestling background helped propel my career and has helped me in the octagon. I wrestled for Oakdale Junior High School and three years in the Oakdale Mustangs program too.”

He will return soon to Mexico to be with his family, his wife, son and daughter. He will also be helping young aspiring MMA fighters at his two gyms.