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Fishing Report 2-26-20
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More times than I can count, I’ve fished a tournament that was won by someone who kept things as simple as possible. Often, anglers overthink things and end up wishing that they would have trusted their instincts. I’m happy with the decisions I made this past weekend. I didn’t win the event but had a good finish. I drew the last boat, I had an idea where I wanted to fish, but after watching 50 boats head that direction, I decided to start pretty much right where I was at. That decision paid off. I immediately caught my first fish and within an hour I had my limit. When it was over, the first five fish I caught, ended up being enough to finish amongst the top 20 teams. In hindsight, I could have done some things differently, but I’m glad that I followed my instincts. This year I plan on following my instincts a little more. No more driving home from an event after a bad finish, wishing I would have listened to that voice in my head providing me with the answers.


Delta Report:

If you’re a bass fisherman, now is the time to get out on the Delta. The water temperature is just about right for the fish to start roaming the shallows. A large majority of the bass are being found while fishing near deep cuts that are close to spawning areas with jigs and creature baits. Striped bass fishing is okay for anglers trolling but anglers fishing with live or cut bait are having the most luck.


New Melones Lake:

There aren’t too many reports of trout that are currently being caught. The bass fishing on the other hand is picking up for a lot of anglers fishing from the bank out into 60 feet of water. There was a recent tournament on the lake that was won with a five fish limit that weighed 18 pounds. The team reported catching their fish while fishing darter head trick worms that were tossed towards the bank and worked towards the boat. The most consistent bite that I found was between 30 and 60 feet deep with jigs, Senkos, and nail type baits.


Lake Don Pedro:

Like New Melones fishing for trout continues to be very tough. There are very few anglers on the lake currently fishing for trout and no reports of trout being planted. Bass fishing surprisingly has gotten tougher this past week. The reaction bite has died down for a lot of anglers. Those having any luck are having to slowly work their baits along the bottom.


Lake Pardee:

Fishing on the lake has been slow lately as the lake has been flooded with anglers in search of one of the many big fish that inhabit the lake. Lake Pardee is no longer a secret making for tougher than normal conditions. Recently, while on the lake there was an abundance of surface action out over deep water but no visible action up in the shallows. Trout fishing is good right now around the ramp area as many anglers are hooking up while using power bait. Bass fishing is slow as the fish are believed to be awaiting the next full moon.


Lake Camanche:

Trout are being stocked at the North and South shore launch ramps as well as the South Shore Fishing Pond. Anglers trolling have been finding rainbows while trolling white grubs or Rapalas in the main body of the lake, around Big Hat Island, and up in the Narrows. Bank fishermen are scoring with night crawlers or Power Bait with most rainbows. Bass fishing is picking up as anglers are doing well while dragging small jigs and worms from the surface down to 30 feet deep. If the weather continues to warm up look for the bass to start making their way closer to their spawning areas.


Tip of the Week:

I learned the hard way that if you plan on staying out in the rain that to make sure once getting home that everything gets aired out until dry. All boat compartments should be vented or left open or mold will surely develop. Even better if you have a small portable fan, it can be used to help dry out your compartments.