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Bear With The Multimedia Rookies
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Transition is never easy, but when you’re pushing a camera inside the hands of a man who has trouble typing you’re begging for trouble; trouble that the Oakdale community is just going to have to deal with.
My third favorite Leader teammate (Hi Marg, Hi Jen) and I are attacking a process more confusing than Michael Jackson’s drug preference checklist. We are on the ground-zero stage of The Leader’s Multimedia portion of the new online website.
The debut footage made its way to the big screen July 6 and by the number of views it has received I’d say Ron Howard is going to be pretty safe fending me and (fellow reporter Craig) Macho off.
The simple task of getting footage from an Oakdale Mustang football passing league scrimmage, snagging a couple of interviews, editing the footage and breaking it out for the viewers is like a root canal times 10.
The first time riding my bike could not have been this difficult.
I strolled into the entire process just expecting to be … me. You know, cool, calm, collected in charge and not overwhelmed. Then Macho throws me under the bus.
“Jagada, you go ahead and start off with the intro, I’ll take the sign off.”
It sounded harmless, but as I watched him get the little camera (small in size, but easily bigger than six months of my pay checks) my little rejuvenated heart began pounding.
No script, no practice, just show time and after a “few” takes we gave up and went on to stage two – game footage.
Getting a graphic image of a football game is no easy task, but it is like watching snow melt in comparison to keeping the flight of a 40-yard Tanner Combs pass in the viewing screen from beginning to end.
Macho, who has partial previous experience with the movie industry tool, showed me up instantly filming a bootleg left, roll-out pass through the lens that would be worthy of a spot on a FOX film crew audition reel.
The task itself has become really exciting. Not only because there are so many exciting moments that go on in Oakdale sports, but I am a dude that is not going to expect a mediocre multimedia career.
I know there are some agents in Hollywood and on the East Coast who are looking for energetic sports personalities to guide their sports programs. I have to get better before the word gets out that my skills are limited to writing (with a proficient spell check).
So Oakdale, please from the deepest depths of my heart, please bear with us through our new found profession. But not only do we beg you to be patient, we really beg you to check us out.
Go to our website, and check out the multimedia show.

Jagada Chambers is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. He may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.