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Vacation Vibes
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Teresa Hammond

It was only three days, three hours away and took three months to come by but man, I love a good vacation.

That’s what I realized last Monday as I was supposed to return to work, but my vaca vibe was still going a bit too strong.

My return wasn’t from some luxurious tropical resort, exotic or remote location. We simply escaped to Tahoe. The personal details of our vacation, I like to keep just that way. It was the eye opening lessons, however, upon return that caught me a bit off guard.

As I shared in last week’s column, we’ve had to cancel a few long overdue getaways the past three months. Three days roughing it in the trees and mountains of the Truckee/Northshore area however were exactly what my soul needed.

Waking in the wilderness with a fresh cup of coffee and zero expectations was exactly what my soul and spirit needed. This was a funny notion I wrapped my head around as we made the trip home Monday morning. All I needed was in a backpack and a toiletry bag. No blow dryer, hair product, a little mascara and eye liner at dinner time – simplicity.

You know you’re on a good vacation (regardless of the locale) if you’re already speaking of your return back midway through your stay.

I can remember a time in my life when I would describe camping as work you need rest from. The set-up, take down, meal prep, camp maintenance; it’s definitely more than what you do in a hotel or resort. What I learned however the past three days is when coming from a place of joy and when in the right company it’s just part of the experience. It doesn’t feel like work, it was actually fun.

This area also happens to hold a lot of memories from my high school and college years, so memory lane traveling with the company I kept also did my heart well. Sharing stories I realized what I’ve always known, I’ve been blessed with a pretty great life.

It’s funny how living the every day can suck so much out of us without even realizing it.

I like to think of myself as an upbeat, happy person for the most part. Often described as an optimist to a fault. Traveling home, however, I recognized a lightness which had returned to my being and I wasn’t ready to let that go.

Shooting a text to our editor as we made our way down Highway 80 it’s safe to say she knew she wouldn’t see me that day. I just wasn’t ready to let the “vibe” as my girlfriend described it later that afternoon, go.

Rolling into our local brewery to grab a beer with her, still unshowered, no make-up and ball cap backwards she shared she almost didn’t recognize me. Still fresh in my relaxation, I took this as a compliment. She confirmed it was one – winning.

So here’s the lesson and less than 24 hours post return I felt I needed to share it.

In the day and age of everyone sharing every moment (or close to) of their life via social media, FOMO is strong. FOMO? Yes, FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, has now become a reality many share openly. That three hour trip reminded me that we have the ability, the power if you will to create our own Oasis. The destination helps, but it’s the company that makes the trip a hit or miss. When you set your focus beyond the brochure and focus on the exclusivity of the company you are in, you truly can’t go wrong.

Here’s to vacation vibes and quality company; it really doesn’t have to set you back a ton of money. It doesn’t have to include five star restaurants and flashy entertainment. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee, a forest of trees and a backwards ball cap …perfect.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.