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Back In The Day
Mommy Musings
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The Stanislaus County Fair is just a handful of weeks away.

Earlier this month, the editorial staff received our invitations for its Media Day brunch, as well as our press packets.

A quick trip down to the Fair Grounds always proves to be a good time for us as a staff. An occasion we often liken to the ‘offsite meeting’ hosted by other companies. We just happen to take advantage of the time as guests of the fair.

Following that day, we each make trips back to cover varying activities of interest from the FFA barn, tractor pull, concerts and yes, even the rides. As a staff we manage to both capture and take it all in for our readers.

Each year my daughter’s ‘Bestie’ (who happens to be my age, not hers) look forward to seeing who will be gracing the free stage. It’s always a fun trip down memory lane as we wait to see which back in the day artist will make the trip to Turlock, California.

This summer will mark our fifth year anniversary for making this tradition. A tradition which oddly (and somewhat fittingly) began with attending a concert by the Wiggles. Yes, you read that right, the four Australian men in primary colored shirts, made popular by pint sized children. Of course, my daughter, then just five years of age attended with us. Bestie’s daughter Lily joined us too; she was nine at the time.

I’d be lying if I said we anything but loved it. Truth be told, there were actually moments when Bestie and I were more excited by what was happening on the stage than our girls were. One specific memory involves the introduction of Captain Feathersword and the two of us looking to one another as if Justin Timberlake was right behind him.

Oh yes, we sang all the songs, did the dances and pretty much had the time of our lives courtesy of Phil, Murray, Greg and Jeff. We were even graced with a rose from Dorothy the Dinosaur and again I think the two grown women were more gobsmacked than our daughters.

Since that day, we’ve upped our game a bit and visited bigger venues/headline concerts, but through it all we always manage to find time to sneak in one old school Fair concert. Each and every time the night looks the same. We grab beverages, find our bench and sit and wait and sit and wait for the Free show to start.

The night usually ends with spending an hour or two with her now teenage daughters and their friends riding rides and channeling our inner child. As I type that I can’t help but chuckle to myself. Isn’t that the fun of the fair after all? It’s truly not about the inner child, but rather the child we each live to embrace and let shine just a little brighter.

Oh sure, the heat and dust get me every year, but then again so does the company. So without fail, as the night turns to early morning I find myself climbing into bed and texting my daughter’s Bestie, ‘Thanks for another memorable and epic night. Love you more. Can’t wait to see who comes next year. We need a season pass, right!?!’

Hello summer, we’re ready for ya.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.