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Use Money Elsewhere
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Dear Editor,

I read recently that Oakdale was planning to pay $10,000 to survey the voters to see if we are in favor of an additional tax that would be used to keep our safety (police and fire fighters). Surely the $10,000 to be spent on the survey could be used ELSEWHERE! If they insist on a survey, let’s organize some volunteers, divide up the city, and send them out with clipboard and paper. I believe one of the new mayor’s running points was that we do more volunteer in order to save money. If this cost too much, then why take a survey at all. We elect representatives to represent us so that we don’t have to vote on every item. We have council meetings where we can voice our opinions. I would rather have the council decide on this issue than waste so much money on a survey! Most of us don’t have money to spare. But if they want to count my opinion I vote for the tax. I would rather pay a little extra and keep the protection we need. Please keep the money that it would take to survey me and use it for something else.

Sally Wise