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Therapy Pool Needs Support
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Dear Editor,

In 2003 I began the water therapy class. I had finished treatment on an inoperable malignant tumor on my femur. Because of necessary inactivity, my muscles had atrophied in my left leg. This therapy allowed me to eventually resume my normal lifestyle. It is important to emphasize I need to continue with this therapy as some of my problems will always remain. It has been suggested to eliminate some of us and bring in others as we have a very long waiting list, this is not feasible for me or many others as we continue to need this therapy.

We are asking the community and most importantly the doctors to support our endeavors to build a therapeutic pool.

The pool at the high school cannot be used for us. It is, first of all, not heated for therapeutic purposes, not enclosed and not even available for our needs. Many of us take meds that do not allow us to be in the sun.

We are again asking for your support on an important project.

Ellen Burton