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Supporting Measure O
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Dear Editor,
Oakdale is a great place to live and do business. Recent economic changes at all levels, national, state and locally are creating situations that I find disturbing.
Fewer policemen and firemen, street lights being turned off, parks unkempt, roads going unrepaired, and there is a danger that the city might have to close the senior center and the community pool.
The citizens of Oakdale cannot allow the situation to continue to deteriorate. Hopefully the economy is going to turn around. But in the event it does not, things will only get worse. More police and firemen layoffs with less and less maintenance of city facilities and services are certain to occur.
Measure ‘O’ will be on the ballot this November. Voters are being asked to vote on raising the sales tax here in Oakdale by ½ cent. That’s a nickel on a $10 sale, not much. Most households would see an additional expense of about $20 per year. The California state sales tax recently dropped one cent so in reality you probably won’t see much financial impact at all.
The sales tax will generate enough money each year to maintain the city’s current level of service. No pay raises, no increase in employee benefits, just enough to keep things from getting worse.
The sales tax increase is for three years and cannot be extended without voter approval. There will be a citizen’s oversight committee to make sure the money is spent in accordance to the community’s wishes.
Please join me in supporting Measure ‘O’.
Steve Medlen