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Sending Support To Wikoff
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Dear Editor,

There has been many discussions and letters regarding the merits of each candidate running for the Oak Valley Hospital District Board and all come with some veritable reason to support their cause.

I am giving Bob Wikoff my unwavering support for many reasons. One of the largest components of the US GDP is healthcare and this sector continues to grow rapidly. Thus, the demand for quality healthcare services and facilities in this community is vital. With rising healthcare spending, we need a candidate who has extensive background and knowledge in the overall healthcare industry, not only on a local level but also statewide and nationally. Bob Wikoff’s strength is his well-rounded experience and integrity. He has the most knowledge in fiscal responsibility and management. He also recognizes the importance of advanced technology and has already put in motion to provide modern equipment (such as digital mammography) in all facilities. In addition, his long undisputed impressive work history, accomplishments, and involvement in public service with the OVHD Board since 1999, Oak Valley Hospital Foundation since 1984, and the Association of California Healthcare Districts since 2005 (to name a small few), speaks volumes of his commitment to ensure that all citizens have access to the best healthcare possible. As healthcare continues to dominate the economy, the job of Director for the Oak Valley Hospital District Board requires serious experience and involvement in the healthcare industry. This is Bob Wikoff and I urge all of you to vote for him on Nov. 2.


Catherine Rhee