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Seeking Support For Dyer
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Dear Editor,

Although my children graduated from the Oakdale educational system many years ago, I still watch the district’s performance closely as it is an indicator of community health.

The unified district is a wonderful district, providing many opportunities for lifelong learning skills. In the past eight years the governing board has insisted on high levels of academic achievement, strategic planning, an openness of all school business, prudent fiscal management and a climate of cooperation between school, students, parents and community. Whenever there is a need for major change, all these identities have an opportunity for input.

New construction reducing class overcrowding, modernization, and expansion all have and are taking place. This creates a more conducive learning environment for the students, a pride of ownership in the community and a higher level of student academic achievement.

I believe part of this improvement is due to the fact that Bill Dyer has been on the board a little more than eight years. With his professional background and knowledge of school business, he has helped create this improved environment. He has devoted most of his adult life to helping Oakdale students in one way or another. I truly believe the district is where it is today because of his direction and guidance. We need him another term to preserve the accomplishments we have in place and to assist us through the financial turmoil that we have to share with the state.

If you like the way your school district has improved over the last eight years, and you would like to see that continue, then re-elect Trustee William Dyer, November 3, 2009.

Mickey Peabody