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Paying Too Much
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Dear Editor,
Consumers alert. Do you pay for optical insurance and your glasses still cost you a ton? We have optical insurance which covers a new pair of glasses each year. The optometrist appears to only offer the most basic, cheap set of lenses and frames. If you don’t like what they offer, you can of course order up grades. Of course they don’t have anything better for a reasonable price. Any upgrades will cost you a LOT of money, even if they are necessary for your health. I asked to see the total breakdown of a pair of glasses, including the amount paid for by insurance. I don’t know about you but I think $959, including $244 out of my pocket, is way too much money for the optometrist to get for a pair of glasses.
Oh yeah, we were given a $234 discount or it would have been more. By the time you pay for insurance all year and then pay all the extras the optometrist charges at time of purchase you may be much better off to forget the insurance and go to one of the many places where you can purchase your glasses for MUCH LESS.
By the way, I am still wearing my two year old glasses because they can’t seem to adjust my new glasses to the point I can wear them.
Dan Qualls