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Passing The Buck
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Dear Editor,

My long time friend Buck is a walker, and has offered to wear a ‘Pat Paul for Mayor’ T-shirt on his daily walks around Oakdale.

Those of you who honk and give him the thumbs up, thank you.

There are a few that give him the other sign, honk, scream obscenities or try to run him down.

Please do not direct your hate mongering towards Buck. He is a good decent man, and should not be subjected to this cowardly abuse.

Call me at 847-5451, email me (, or go on my Face Book page ( and blast me. Better yet, have the courage and decency to meet me face to face and voice your concerns. I am always willing to listen to you and try to understand your anger. Maybe this way we can come to an understanding in a civilized way.

Thank you.

Pat Paul