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Measure O
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Dear Editor,
There are a thousand reasons why I’d support Measure O and they all begin with Oakdale is:
• a community of real people who support each other;
• a group of policemen and firefighters who protect us, and who are involved with the education of our kids;
• a government that does its best to reach out to us with new ideas, a government that isn’t afraid to show its faults, and, a government interested in the opinions of its constituents;
• a group of business owners and managers who work with the school district and who ungrudgingly give and give and give to support Oakdale;
• a group of service clubs like the Lion’s, Rotarians, Soroptimists, Kiwanians and others who raise money to support our community.
We are a community in the best sense of the word. Our times are tough. Sometimes when times get tough we have to reach down a little bit deeper than usual and support the community that supports all of us. I’ll dig down for twenty more bucks a year because Oakdale deserves it!
Please join me in supporting our Oakdale by supporting Measure O.
Michael Tozzi