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Looking For Fair Settlement
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Dear Editor,

There is trouble in Knights Ferry! The Knights Ferry School District is demanding that teachers accept a 5 percent pay cut in a year in which they gave the administrator a 3 percent pay raise. Does this seem fair? In numerous negotiation sessions the teachers have attempted to bring the District to an agreement on this matter, to no avail. The District refuses to compromise and insists they receive the full 5 percent. Teachers have been absent from their classrooms to engage in formal negotiations, Mediations and Fact Finding, and still the District has not agreed to any compromise.

Knights Ferry Teachers’ Association is simply asking for a fair settlement. We understand that everyone is in difficult financial times and we are willing to do our part, but to give the Administrator an increase in pay while asking the teachers to have their pay reduced just doesn’t seem right!

Pat Pfefferle, Chapter President

Knights Ferry Teachers’ Association