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Letters to the Editor
Letters to Editor

Ready For Museum Fundraiser


Dear Editor,

Last September we attended the 19th annual dinner and auction fundraiser sponsored by the Oakdale Cowboy Museum. We won a dinner for 10 certificate hosted by the Oakdale Saddle Club and the Cowboy Museum. The dinner was held at the rodeo grounds. What a great evening we had. The setting and presentation very well done. We were greeted by Dave Brown and his staff from the Cowboy Museum and Norm Mendenhall and directors from the Saddle Club. Cocktails and appetizers awaited us. We were served a fine dinner including perfectly cooked to order rib eye steaks ending with homemade pie.

Our compliments to both organizations for a great evening and for preserving our western heritage. If you get an opportunity to attend this year’s 20th annual event, go and have a wonderful evening.

Ed and Darla Viohl,

Loran and April Lester




Adult Day Care Needed


Dear Editor,

Oakdale needs an adult day care!

There are no places to take a loved one for two to three hours a day, where there is interaction with other adults, memory care and a safe locked place with caregivers. I can leave my loved one with a sitter, that is not a problem, but I would like a place to take him to. When left with a sitter, I must do my appointments hastily. If I can leave him in Oakdale how wonderful that would be. I could go to the supermarket and select new products instead of receiving the basics. I could walk around Kmart (it has been over two years) and just look at things. I could go to the Dollar Tree and use a $10 bill to purchase 10 items – how fun that would be! I could walk downtown Oakdale, touch of piece of antique furniture, walk in to Moss Rose Bakery and smell the delicious aromas of Mary Anne’s special or go to Café Bliss for a cup of taco soup.

But you see, a visitor has moved into our home and has taken over our life … his name is Al(z) Heimers. He now dictates what we do and how much restless sleep we get.

Everyone knows my husband as “Pastor Joe” – he pastored at Sierra Baptist Church for over 20 years; he is a people person and never met a stranger.

Our house is locked now and he doesn’t remember his activities of daily living and sometimes not even me. A man that I have been married to for 53 years. I now tie his tie, help him dress and tie his shoes.

I did find a day care in Modesto which sounded great – but, Oakdale is our town. Modesto doesn’t have anything for me. I was born in Oakdale, graduated OHS. After Bible College we moved back in 1973. We have been in the same house since 1979. Oh, how I love Oakdale and just want to keep Joe with me.

Sometimes Mr. Al is put in a shadow and Joe will come with bright, clear eyes and give me a kiss on the check and say in his clear preacher’s voice “I love you, Thelma.” For just a minute, I had him back. Such joy.


Thelma Ferguson