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Leadership And Accountability
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Dear Editor,

I walked precinct areas in Oakdale and Waterford, in support of the bond that was passed for construction of a new hospital in Oakdale. Since that time, I found out administration and the board has not been forthright with all the information about the financial state of the new hospital building project. Voters in the district need to know that there is not enough money now to finish the second floor where all the patient rooms are. As a result, the old hospital will have to remain in place and in use. Some sort of hallway connection will have to be built to transport patients back and forth for services in the new facility. There is not enough money, at this time, to finish the new kitchen and dining room, so this service will remain in the old building.

This is a district hospital governed by an elected board of directors. Our community is lucky to have a hospital so we have to be very watchful about on whom we select to represent our interests and to manage our tax-supported hospital projects. The bottom line is we need an infusion of new board members who are goal-oriented and independent decision makers. I personally know Wendell Chun, Louise Pooley-Sanders and Dan Cummins and feel these three candidates, with their backgrounds, can bring accountability, transparent leadership, and fiscal responsibility to the hospital district governing board. Please join my wife and me in voting for Chun, Cummins and Pooley-Sanders.


Larry Podolsky, M.D.