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Jackson Deserves Another Term
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Dear Editor,

My family has resided in this area since the mid 1800’s. Both Peggy and I attended local schools and although we haven’t always lived here we returned when it was time to retire. We have always appreciated the quality of life here; the friendly people, good schools and medical facilities, plus a unique identity and great sense of community spirit.

While we recognize the need for growth, such growth should be prudent and avoid embracing the urban sprawl which seems to be compromising the sense of identity in many neighboring communities. Let Riverbank and Modesto have the big box centers and the traffic congestion that accompanies them.

We also believe that city government must take the necessary actions for the long term welfare of the community and not bow to the whims of entitlement and of short term thinking that often is supported by public employee associations.

We believe that Farrell Jackson has demonstrated that he wants to preserve and protect our community values. This is evidenced by the type of growth he has supported and also by his ability to stand tall in maintaining his fiscal responsibilities.

We believe he has earned the opportunity to serve another term as mayor and we urge your support in voting for him.

Gary and Peggy Acker