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In Response To Podolsky
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Dear Editor,

As the Chairman of the Oak Valley Hospital Building Committee, I was stunned to read Larry Podolsky’s letter in The Leader (Oct. 13 issue). I could be gracious and say it is filled with misinformation, but I am known for being blunt. These are just plain lies!

It is unconscionable that he would use lies to advance the Podolsky-Peabody agenda for their slate of three.

The facts are: Measure O and Measure Q were needed to complete the hospital construction as originally planned. Both The Oakdale Leader and Modesto Bee have written in detail about the new hospital construction and its funding. Mr. Podolsky, your wife attends Building Committee meetings (chaired by Mickey Peabody) when all of this is discussed and has been documented in the minutes!

These comments are an insult to hundreds of volunteers, employees and physicians who worked diligently on Measure H, Measure O and Measure Q to insure state-of-the-art health care in our community. To state that the Board and administration withheld information or failed in transparency in any way is absurd.

Larry Podolsky, you owe the Board, management, the employees and every member of this District who are the owners of Oak Valley Hospital, an apology!


Jim Teter

Oak Valley Board of Directors