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From Our Readers
Letters to Editor

It Takes A Village


Dear Editor,

At 81 years old, I never expected to be in a situation where I had to move unexpectedly, without a driver’s license, a car or the strength to lift my belongings.

I went to many organizations for help but was discouraged at the response I was given.

I decided to call Assemblymember Kristin Olsen for assistance. Margie Palomino, Director of the local Area Agency on Aging was contacted. Then Elizabeth Price from Stanislaus Senior Foundation and The Grace Moving Company owned by Patrick and Sally Bolger whose employees Hank and Sean were very professional, and moved my belongings with care. I am also thankful for assistance from DRAIL and Bob and Anne Miner of Riverbank, the Oakdale Leader and Denise and Rite Aid.

It takes a village to raise a SENIOR!

We have exceptional people and organizations who serve seniors and their special needs with compassion and professionalism. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the help that was given to me in my darkest hours. PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out for help, seniors, you are not alone and someone cares.

Department of Aging & Veterans Services is a great resource that partners with the Senior Foundation to assist seniors with emergency needs, any senior can reach them at (209) 558-8698.


Shirley Beauregard