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Different Side Of Story
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Dear Editor,
I am responding to the letter from Shirley Beauregard printed in the May 18 issue of The Leader.
I have been volunteering at the Senior Center for 11 years and do not see those things (she mentioned) happening.
We have over 50 volunteers at present time. Do not know where she got the idea no one wants to work there because of the clique that goes on.
I am at the hospitality desk every Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and do not see those things.
I would like to ask the Senior Advisory Commissioners and any one else interested to come by the Center and see ‘What Really Goes On.’
I love my Senior Center and don’t like it when someone downgrades it.
Please stop by to see us.
The coffee will be on, always.
Connie Gardner