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Another Buck?
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Dear Editor,

No on Pat Paul for Mayor of Oakdale.

I spoke to Buck the previous week about the letter in the Oakdale Leader. He stated no one had “tried to run him over.” He told my wife and I that he didn’t think Pat Paul wrote that letter. For those that don’t remember, on September 14, 2003, the Modesto Bee exposed Pat Paul’s “Supervisors Georgia Junket” on the front page. Shaw subsequently lost her reelection as county supervisor. Then ran for Mayor of Oakdale in 2006 and failed. Then in 2007, was fined $6,500 by the Fair Political Practices Commission for her failure to report gifts on her statement of economic interest, required of office holders (while on the aforementioned “Junket,” when she was a Stanislaus County Supervisor). Simply speaking, I don’t think Oakdale needs a Mayor of this caliber. Vote for Mayor Farrell Jackson.

Gary Magann