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Anonymous Worker(s) Appreciated
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Dear Editor,
We of OCGC, the Oakdale Community Garden Club, want to thank whoever came to our rescue this past week. We normally do the planting and maintenance of the downtown flower pots and medians but, about a month ago at the urging of members who were veterans and had family in the military, we took on the Fish Park Veteran’s Memorial. It had become infested with weeds. In all we spent several hundred dollars and about 34 hours weeding, treating the soil with plant retardant, laying black plastic to prevent new weed growth, planting new flowers and adding bark for cover and decoration. To our dismay within two weeks the nut grass had returned with a vengeance, even growing through the plastic. We bought some special nut grass treatment and that didn’t work, so we were going back to pull the weeds by hand but when we arrived on Friday, August 12th, to our amazement the weeds were gone. The memorial looked great. To whoever did this wonderful volunteer effort, we thank you and Oakdale thanks you.
OCGC President
Gloria Cusick