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An Honest Business
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Dear Editor,
I want to thank Oakdale Recycle Center for being so honest the other day. I decided to clean up around the ranch as I do two or three times a year. I gathered up all the recyclable stuff and took it to the Oakdale Recycle Center on my way to Oakdale. While I was checking out to get the money I was having a conversation with the clerk while she was guiding a truck on the scale and adding up my tags. She finally got the truck on the way and gave me my money. A few days later I received a hand written card in the mail informing me that she had missed one of my tags while counting out the money and she had enclosed the money in the card.
In this day and age it is absolutely wonderful to experience this type of honesty.
Again, great big thanks to Oakdale Recycle Center.
Fred Stepp