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Valley Home News for November 2, 2011
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Did you miss the Valley Home 4H Halloween Monsters’ Masquerade at the Valley Home Haunted Park last Saturday night? If so, shame on you. It was an outstanding scary, spooky, ghoulish event that was done with a great deal of thought and work and greatly enjoyed by many visitors from near and far. At one time 22 vehicles were seen parked along dark Pioneer Ave. in front of the park and in the school parking lot.

The Monsters’ Masquerade started at sundown with a gravedigger escorting guests through the haunted cemetery pointing out grave-markers such as “Ben There,” “Willy Makeit,” “I’m Dunn,” “Johnny Shotgun Went Out With a Bang,” “U R Next.” Each of the markers had a pile of rocks and various bones at its base and was covered with webs. If you survived the tour a visit to the Mausoleum was next. Here there was a waiting line as only 3 “visitors” were allowed at one time.

To enter you must brush the hanging body out of the doorway and once inside you were escorted to a table with a coffin covered with webs and a “bloody skull.” The next site visited was the autopsy table with soiled instruments followed by a “dinner” table with plates containing unbelievable items and blood. This was followed by a used standing stained Guillotine followed by a table of scary items, dead and alive. The last table held an opened burial casket with body. If you were able to complete the tour you were escorted through the door to the “snack” section.

Here you refreshed yourself with Halloween decorated cupcakes, brownies or popcorn and something liquid to wash away the memories. Many dedicated hard-working persons need to be thanked for their support of this local event but the list has not arrived at submission time so a BIG THANK YOU is sent to all that worked on the Monsters Masquerade at the Valley Home Haunted Park.


Sheri Rathbun reports to us that this past week, students in grades K-3 planted red tulip bulbs at the Pioneer Avenue campus as part of our Red Ribbon Week activities. It seems that all students seem to enjoy the dress up day as a way to remember their pledge to make healthy choices and to say no to drugs. Your reporter viewed several groups of students dressed in red on their walk between the two school campuses. On Monday, the students enjoyed a parade and class parties to celebrate Halloween and today at 1:40 p.m. in the Mullti-purpose Room at the Pioneer Campus they will have the Student of the Month assembly recognizing the outstanding students from October.

The monthly PTC meeting will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 3:00 p.m. at the Texas Avenue campus but in a new room, Room 4. Babysitting will still be in Room 2.


The directors of the Valley Home Community Park wish to thank the members, family and friends of the Valley Home 4-H Club for the outstanding job that they did removing the various material after their weekend Halloween event was over. The next day it was as if nothing had happened in the park. It is greatly appreciated!