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Valley Home News for July 18, 2012
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We received this update from one of our fellow neighbors who shares the following information on an occurrence happening on Tuesday, July 10th in the area of Steinegul and Lone Tree.

There were a lot of sheriffs seen in that area lining the road in regular vehicles and suited up with their vests. The group then proceeded down to the known pot farm across from the dairy.

Our informant spoke with the officers later and was informed that the ‘farm’ located on Tiffany Lane was down as well as one located at Lone Tree and Victory.

It is hoped that diligence by residents in and around the area contacting the law enforcement will let these criminals know that we absolutely do not want them in our neighborhoods.
Residents need to be aware that a news release has gone out from Stanislaus County Public Health regarding a probable case of West Nile Virus neuro-encephalitis in a six-year-old in our county, and the child has been medically evacuated to a pediatric specialty hospital.

From appearances, West Nile Virus activity is starting to pick up in Stanislaus.

According to information received, this is earlier than expected by the experts, so it is a good reminder that there are many different mosquito-borne illnesses and we should take appropriate precautions when possible.

The California Department of Public Health recommends that individuals prevent exposure to Mosquito bite and West Nile virus by practicing the “Three D’s.”

1. Deet--Apply insect repellent containing DEET, picaradin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535 according to label instructions to keep mosquitoes from biting you. Deet can be used safely on infants and children 2 month of age and older.

2. Dawn and Dusk--Mosquitoes bite in the early morning and evening so it is important to wear proper clothing and repellent if outside during these times. Make sure that your doors and windows have tight fitting screens to keep mosquitoes out and repair any tears or holes in the screen.

3. Drain--Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water, look for and eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, pet bowls, flower pots, old car tires etc.

Always remember to protect yourself. Avoid going out in the early morning and early evening hours, or if you do go out, wear long pants and long sleeve shirts and be sure to use an effective mosquito repellent such as those mentioned above. Call your doctor if you think you might have the virus.

Residents are asked that if you find dead birds on your property, report the find by calling the California West Nile virus and Dead bird Hotline at 1-877-968-2473). Got Mosquitos? Get help by calling your Mosquito Abatement District for our district at 522-4098.
Just a reminder that our Valley Home MAC will meet next Wednesday evening (July 25th) at 6:30 p.m.
Also a reminder that our Oakdale Fun Lovin’ Red Hat Ladies did not meet this month. Our Red Hat Queen Bonnie tells us to mark our calendars for Wednesday, August 1, for the next meeting and lunch at 11 a.m. that will be held at Café Bravo in Oakdale.