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Valley Home News 6-12-24
Winnie Mullins

Hello to you all. I hope you are all staying cool in this terrible summer heat. The heat is hard for all of us but really good for our beautiful summer gardens here in Valley Home.


Just a few weeks ago my sister Lin and I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Marina and Steve Knudsen’s beautiful country garden. It truly felt as if we were entering an enchanted forest. There was beauty all around us. As we walked along the trail, flowers of every color and every type greeted us. Marina and Steve have spent many long hours working to create the most beautiful country gardens.

Walking along a trail bordered with lush green ferns, trees of every size and every kind provided shade on a beautiful sunny day. At the edge of the landscape was the most beautiful sky-blue pool with tree branches bending gently towards the peaceful water. Near the pool was the most gorgeous woodburning outdoor fireplace. A comfortable and cozy area to enjoy on a beautiful summer night. Following the trail as it wound its way around fountains and delightful sights of every kind, God’s amazing beauty was everywhere. There were fruit trees of every kind, each path you took led to a magical area. As you entered a different trail you would see the family goats and chickens living the country life. Flowers of every kind welcomed you … it was fun to stop and smell the fragrant and beautiful roses. I truly believe there are flowers, bushes and trees of every type along this trail. What a peaceful afternoon filled with serenity and beauty it was … an afternoon of joy and loving friendship. Marina being the amazing hostess that she is, had made each of her guests delicious homemade treats served with refreshing ice-cold tea and lemonade. It was indeed a very special day. The Knudsen’s have created an oasis to be enjoyed by friends and family. This amazing couple have given so much to the community of Valley Home. We felt blessed to have been invited to walk through this beautiful oasis … to witness the hard work and the beauty along the trails Marina and Steve have created.


We have many beautiful vegetable gardens in Valley Home. Some that are already producing amazing bounty. Many others are just sprouting up and will be providing bounty late into the summer months. It is an amazing time during the summer months here in Valley Home. Neighbors and friends share the bounty often with each other: squash, corn, okra, carrots, radishes; the list goes on and on. What a beautiful place to live in; this place we call our Valley Home.


As always, you may reach me by email at or by telephone at 209-985-5233.

Until next time, “Happy Trails to You!”