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Valley Home News 2-10-21
Winnie Mullins

With this Sunday being Valentine’s Day we would like to honor the memory of our Valley Home Valentine, our precious Bonnie! Our school children, even those who are now grown, will forever cherish the memory of “cupid” Bonnie running around taking care of everyone. Her energy was boundless! Bonnie was there for all, no matter how big or small. Her heart was always with her students, her family, her friends, and her beloved Valley Home.

The memory of Bonnie’s laughter and fun spirit will always fill the gymnasium on game days. Bonnie coached her kids like they all were her own. She had a way of making each one feel special!

Bonnie’s bus riders too have such wonderful memories of her bus rides. Bonnie always took the time to know each student, to share their concerns, their joys, and to share in their lives.

This Valentine’s Day, as we all remember this happy and vibrant woman, let’s remember our “cupid.” Our Valley Home Valentine! Let’s enjoy life as she enjoyed life. Laugh often, live fully, love with all your heart! Bonnie never asked for anything but did have a wish ... “please dance for me.” Let’s remember to always dance as sweet Bonnie wanted us to.

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Until next time ... Happy Valentine’s to all!