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Hot Housing Market Seen In Region
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The Cash Blevins Team is a part of Century 21 MM where Cash is ranked #1 and Blevins is ranked #2 according to the ranking reports for dollar volume sold this year. Photo By Brooke Chau

In order to stimulate the economy at this time, low interest rates and low inventory make this a great time to sell in Oakdale. There are currently close to three dozen active listings and 48 pending in the city of Oakdale. Those that are listing their homes right now, amid COVID-19, are often receiving multiple offers because the interest rates are historically low.

Denise Cash and Michael Blevins are a part of Century 21 MM where they are ranked in the top two, according to the ranking reports, for dollar volume sold this year in Oakdale. Cash has been in real estate for 24 years, while Blevins joined the team three years ago after being the general manager of the Turlock Golf and Country Club for 18 years. The local Century 21 office boasts 64 agents; Cash and Blevins work as a cohesive team.

“You have Denise’s experience in the industry and my lifelong connections in the community,” said Blevins.

The two said the Central Valley area has become a more desirable place for people to move due to the ability to travel to the mountains or the beach in the same weekend. Century 21 has the biggest share of the marketplace and is also the largest real estate office in Oakdale.

“It’s a privilege that our sellers call us,” said Cash. “We work really hard and there’s two of us. Consequently one of us is always available.”

The impact of COVID has allowed people to be able to work remotely and not have to necessarily be in the same location as their job. The Cash Blevins Team recently sold a home to a young couple who relocated from San Francisco to Oakdale due to being able to work from home because of the pandemic. Cash believes that there will be many more out-of-area families moving to Oakdale because more people are now able to work sufficiently from home.

Compared to this time last year in Oakdale, 58 percent of homes sold within 30 days on the selling market. This year, 70 percent of homes sold in the first 30 days due to the low interest rates and low inventory. In regards to interest rates, last year was approximately at 4 percent and this year it is hovering around 3 percent. Over the life of the loan, expected savings could be as much as $70,000 in interest because of that 1 percent lower interest rate.

“We are customer service oriented, we get back to people immediately,” said Cash, “The personal connection is huge to us.”

The Central Valley Association of Realtors organization has been taking proper precautions in regards to keeping themselves and their clients safe and healthy during this time. For more information about buying or selling a home, call Denise Cash and Michael Blevins at (209)765-5528 or (209)556-3330.