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Fifty Houses On List For Decoration Viewing
List halloween

Mark the calendar for Friday, Oct. 27 – that’s when the annual Oakdale Halloween House event gets underway.

A total of 50 houses have signed up to be on this year’s drive by Halloween decorating list. A listed route, from number one to number 50, has been released and the decorated houses will be on display for all to enjoy the evenings of Friday, Oct. 27 through Tuesday, Oct. 31.

The homeowners signing up to participate have agreed to have the lights and displays operating nightly from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the five-day period.

The route starts on the west end of Oakdale and follows a route out toward the east end.

The listed starting point is 582 Branding Iron Street, followed by 577 Branding Iron. Stops three through 10 are: 570 Stetson, 586 Stetson, 595 Stetson, 1232 Bluegrass Court, 407 Ranger Court, 645 Ranger Street, 1740 Vintage Circle and 1751 Vintage Circle.

Stops 11 through 20 are: 1759 Vintage Circle, 1767 Vintage Circle, 1796 Parkside Way, 1772 Parkside Way, 1760 Parkside Way, 1748 Parkside Way, 1712 Parkside Way, 622 Albanian Drive, 2201 Mustang Drive and 2738 Mustang Drive.

Those stops listed as 21 through 30 are: 2205 Campolina Way, 2275 Tori Way, 519 Odin Court, 530 Messara Court, 547 Criolla Court, 2891 Greger Street, 2898 Greger Street, 692 Chestnut Drive, 2908 Westport Circle, 2824 Westport Circle.

Making the list, stops 31 through 40, are: 32 Reed Road, 236 Grapewood Court, 46 Willowood Drive, 122 Laurel Avenue, 1265 West I Street, 205 East H Street, 290 Ventanas Avenue, 307 Ventanas Avenue, 522 Viewpoint Avenue, 650 North Third Avenue.

Rounding out the stops, numbers 41 through 50, are: 1485 Leah Way, 920 River Bluff, 1265 River Bluff Drive, 1723 Silver Ridge Way, 385 South Maag Avenue, 1558 Snowy River Court, 9900 Mountain Oak Road, 10620 Rio Sombra Drive, 9705 Atlas Road, and 9660 Victory Avenue.