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New Agri Sales Store Stakes Claim In Regional Location
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Less than one month since opening its doors at the BG Agri Sales and Service, Store Manager Frank Trent and staff member Ashley Veldstra are ready and waiting to serve the Agriculture community. The new business is at 5225 Oakdale-Waterford Highway, Oakdale. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Frank Trent is happily settling into his new home and encouraging family, friends and strangers to come pay him a visit.

But one won’t find a cozy couch, big screen TV or comfortable recliner on the other side of the double doors of the 5225 Oakdale-Waterford Highway location. What they will find however, is an impressive 9,000 square-foot facility with a staff of seven knowledgeable employees ready and willing to help guests with their agriculture needs. The store is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon and closed on Sunday.

Trent, manager of the recently opened Oakdale location of BG Agri Sales and Service, could not be more thrilled with the opportunity and inventory he and his team have to offer the region’s agriculture community.

“It’s been fun,” Trent said of his transition from traditional hardware sales to managing and stocking the facility of this agricultural-based hardware store. Trent first joined BG Agri Sales and Service at its Linden location late last year. Since being hired, he has attended multiple training programs, as well as worked in the Linden store.

“It’s been confusing, but it’s coming together,” he continued. “I have great teachers. It’s a team atmosphere that is for sure.”

“The cool thing about this team is that they have been together for nine months to one year,” Rachelle Antinetti, Business Development Manager, stated. “This team built it (store fixtures and lay out) and set it up the best way they felt they could service the farming community.”

According to Anthony Da’Valle, Area Manager of BG Agri Sales and Service, the firm was established in 1982 by Bill Gormley, a salesman/farmer who recognized a need for farmers and growers to be serviced.

“He worked from the back seat of his car,” Da’Valle said of the founder, noting that he would pay visits to check on client needs. “He kind of laid the foundation for the service aspect of this industry.”

In 1992 Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Inc. purchased BG Agri Sales and Service and kept the name.

“We kept the name because we wanted to keep the service model,” Da’Valle stated. “It’s been awesome being able to build this facility.”

Product brand names such as Banjo, TeeJet, Fill-Rite, Honda and Hypro are just a few of many which will impress the agriculture customer. Making sure not to miss the mark on the everyday needs, family gardening hoses, pruners and run of the mill items are also in stock at the southeast Oakdale business.

“We’re buying from multiple vendors, not just one. We can order anything you need,” Trent said of the company’s buying ability and customer service commitment. “The doors are open for whatever you need. You need it, I can order it.”

In addition to in store sales, the company also employs sales reps who offer the one on one visit to the grower or farmer, either delivering product or inventorying what they currently have or need to have.

“Something you’re not going to see in this area is your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment),” the store manager stated. “We’ve got it all and it’s ready to go.”

And while the shop is now open for business, Trent said they really are just getting started in making sure the customer needs in the area are met.

“This is all a base,” he noted, referring to the store and the varying items which fill the vast space. “We’re going to grow it from here.”

BG Agri Sales and Service is open to the public and is at 5225 Oakdale-Waterford Highway, Oakdale. For additional information call 851-3232.