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Downtown Frame Shop Reopens With Gallery Feel
Picture Perfect
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Re-opened earlier this fall, under new ownership, Loris Frame Shoppe now hosts a gallery type feel complete with unique artwork as well as a small offering of gift items. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

The name has seen a slight change and the interior an overhaul, yet one thing is for certain: Lori’s Frame Shoppe still aims to continue offering quality work and service to its clientele. Husband/wife team Jack and Lori Roudebush acquired the 132 N. Third Ave., Oakdale business earlier this fall.

“We’d always been looking for something extra and something we can do together,” Jack said of their latest business venture.

Successful in their primary careers in the insurance and real estate fields, the couple shared they’re excited by the opportunity to work together.

“Jack and I had been talking about doing something together for years,” Lori said.

While they may not have seen it by way of a frame shop, as an art major with a deep passion for creativity the business venture has proved perfectly suited for her.

“The thing I think that’s so cool for me is there are so many nuances in it,” she said of the framing business and all it entails. “You’re not just assembling a frame with a kit. The other thing that is really cool is that people are bringing in the craziest, coolest stuff that they want framed.”

She also enjoys interacting with the customers.

“You get to hear their stories,” she continued. “We can frame anything, but some of the stuff … it’s really neat to see what’s special to them.”

While the North Third Avenue space continues to specialize and construct framing on-site, it’s also taken on a new shape by way of other offerings and a bit of a makeover. The couple repurposed the basement area of the property as a workshop to cut and create framings, as well as store orders for pick-up. Upon first entering, it now possesses a light and airy feel, complete with colorful artwork on the walls and a smattering of home décor and gift items.

“We’re trying to keep it open and light,” Jack said of the spacious gallery feel, noting his wife’s artful eye as an asset to the business beyond the framing.

“I really wanted the space to feel different than all the other stores,” Lori shared. “They have their own niche and they do that well. I wanted it to be different, very gallery, very open.”

As for juggling careers, a new business, family life and a healthy relationship, the couple notes extended hours getting the business going has been an asset to their personal as well as professional lives.

“It’s awesome,” Lori said. “He’s my number one fan. I wouldn’t have any of the happiness or success without him. My husband’s an uplifter. He wants to uplift everyone around. He’s my number one supporter, but we’re really in this together.”

“You know, they say if you build it they will come,” Jack stated, “and they really have. From the first day we opened, the community has been very supportive.”


Lori’s Frame Shoppe is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For additional information call (209) 404-9048.