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Dutch Bros Prepare To Caffeinate The 95361
Community Blend
Dutch Bros

There’s a lot more than coffee coming to the North end of town.

The once popular Pete’s Joe and Snow has undergone a transformation which has many coffee lovers all abuzz. Oregon based Dutch Bros (aka Dutch Brothers) is slated to open its walk up and drive thru windows later this month.

Regional Operator and Oregon transplant Isaac Schaaf could not be happier or more excited to bring the Dutch Bros “culture” to the Cowboy Capital of the World.

Schaaf has been a member of the Dutch Bros team for close to 11 years. Earlier this summer he was approached by the company to relocate from Springfield, Oregon. According to the Regional Operator he and his wife made a few visits to the 95361 and within less than a month decided they were up for the adventure.

“We’re currently expanding,” he said of the company. “Our goal is to reach 800 stores by 2023.”

Currently the closest Dutch Bros to Oakdale is in Stockton. As Regional Operator he will oversee locations being opened in Turlock and Modesto, as well as Oakdale. There are currently plans to open Turlock and Modesto locations within the next year.

While familiar visitors of the coffee shop may be excited for the drink variety from smoothies, hot, ice or blended coffees, as well as their signature energy drink “Rebel,” Schaaf noted the company is more about experience than beverage service.

“We try and keep it light,” he said of the menu, “light” on food and heavy on beverage. “We know what we’re really good at and that’s the drinks.

“We really try to make sure everyone is taken care of in the company and outside of the company,” he added. “We try to be as involved with the community as we can, which is super exciting within this community.”

In addition to the 44 part time employees the company plans to staff the shop with, they also plan to partner with local non-profits in their quest to give back to the community where they do business. The first non-profit to benefit from this business culture will be Children’s Guardian Home.

The Children’s Guardian Home will be the beneficiary of Buck for Kids on Sept. 27, with a dollar from every drink sold donated to the local non-profit.

“We pride ourselves on our culture,” the Regional Operator stated. “At Dutch Brothers it’s not about getting the coffee. We do make quality products, the coffees taste great. More so than that it’s the unique culture we provide. The love all serve all mentality kind of goes further with just being upbeat and positive in any sense.

“Businesses can do well by doing what they do,” he continued. “We’re not trying to serve coffee, we’re trying to serve love. Create a movement that changes the way the business works. If we take care of our people and show them we value your time.”

The Oregon transplant shared the transition to the 95361 has been not just easy, but exciting for he and his wife. While Oakdale is significantly smaller than their hometown, the friendliness and hospitality feels like home.

“Oakdale reminds us a lot of home,” Schaaf confided. “Springfield’s a bit bigger, but the feel is the same. It’s just the community feel. Everyone knows everyone, everyone takes care of everyone. “We try to take care of the people who take care of us and that’s our communities.”

Dutch Bros Coffee is located at 810 N. Yosemite, Oakdale. Hours of operation will be 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.