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Celebrating 30 Years In Business
There were several vendors on hand at the recent Conlin customer appreciation event for guests to gather information and ask questions about certain products like Zoetis, which is a global animal health company. VIRGINIA STILL/THE LEADER


With family in the ranching business and knowledge of fencing and cattle, Albert Conlin started a part time business in Stockton at the Stockyards that was open for business one day a week.

During his studies at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Conlin attended a wedding and asked a successful farmer and business owner that he knew what he should do once he finished school.

That farmer, Phil Stine, stated “you can always sell a load of wire.”

Thirty years later after several years of hard work and a couple different locations, Conlin has grown his business into Conlin Supply, which continues to adapt with the times to provide the rancher, dairyman, farmer, and grower the supplies they need.

“Animal health is a big part of our business, ranch and dairy supplements as well as fencing, pipe, steel and livestock equipment,” stated Conlin. “A tremendous amount of the land that was all prime grazing land has been switched into prime tree growing land, of almonds, walnuts, and grapes.

“So our store has been transitioning to more and more products for the growers.”

Every year Conlin Supply hosts a sale on both the first Wednesday in April and October as a customer appreciation event and barbeque.

This past week that meant over 400 prime rib sandwiches were served up to attendees along with a salad, cookies, and drinks at the Fall Health and Handling sale.

Along with the complimentary lunch the guests had a variety of vendors to visit and gather information from like One Source, Equus, Showmaker and many more.

The store also carries work clothing and work boots as well as some fashionable brand name jeans, tops, shirts, and boots. They also have an assortment of accessories to add to the wardrobe.

“That rural lifestyle person that comes in here they might wear the jeans that they wear to work and the boots they buy they might wear those out to dinner,” added Conlin.

They also deliver products within a 100 to 150-mile radius to customers all over the area.                                                

Conlin Supply provides the dog food for the Oakdale Police Department’s police dogs and they have just donated the materials needed for a facility for the Equine unit that Chief Lester Jenkins and Beth Crowley are trying to reestablish.

With approximately 22 people at the Oakdale store and another seven people operating the Merced location, Conlin expressed that his staff is great and several employees have been with him a long time, including two inside sales people that have been with him over 10 years.

“I enjoy the business and hope I can do it for 30 more,” expressed Conlin. “Oakdale is a great town, a great community, and we have a great police department.”