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Benefits Of Enjoying Breakfast For Dinner
Breakfast pix

A sweet stack of pancakes, a plate of delectable French toast or a hearty omelet are just a few breakfast table favorites. These comfort foods enjoyed at home or at diners across the country are the very reasons why many people consider breakfast, long touted as the most important meal of the day, their favorite meal.

Breakfast foods need not be relegated to mornings and mornings alone. In fact, traditional breakfast foods can make for great lunches and dinners as well. They also may be the centerpiece when entertaining guests.

According to a national poll conducted by ORC International and Krusteaz, makers of premium baking mixes, 90 percent of Americans say they eat breakfast for dinner, with more than half of respondents enjoying breakfast night dinners once a month or more. It’s a family-friendly trend, as breakfast foods can often be whipped up in minutes, making them ideal dinners for busy families.

Explore these many benefits of digging into breakfast throughout the day.

Affordability of ingredients: Bread, eggs and milk are mainstays at the breakfast table. Such foods are relatively inexpensive compared to seafood, meat and poultry. Anyone on a budget can save by enjoying breakfast for dinner once per week. Many egg-based dishes can be put together for around $5 per meal, provided herbs and seasonings are already in the pantry.

Versatility of menu options: Baking mixes can provide the basis for waffles, pancakes, crepes, muffins, scones, biscuits, and much more. Options are even more numerous when such mixes are paired with eggs in different presentations, be it fried eggs, eggs Benedict or poached eggs.

Ideal for picky eaters: Children love breakfast for dinner in large part because the foods are familiar and friendly. When families can’t decide on what to make because kids are unlikely to eat what’s available, consider breakfast.

Faster than delivery: Marie Claire says that breakfast dishes can be cooked in as little as 10 minutes, which is less time (and money) than it will take for pizza or Chinese food to be delivered. When a fast meal is needed, breakfast foods reign supreme.

Variety of flavors: Breakfast foods can be customized according to one’s palate. A filled crepe can be savory or sweet. The same can be said for pancakes. Add cooked ground sausage to the batter and serve with a side of grilled peppers for a savory twist.

Introduce more fruits and vegetables: Reluctant produce eaters may be inspired to dig in when vegetables are mixed in with their breakfast table favorites. Experiment with fresh-fruit compotes, or cook eggs inside of hollowed-out peppers or squash.


Health boost: Breakfast foods can be nutritious and lower in calories than other meals, helping those looking to shed a few pounds.