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Adventure awaits, surprisingly close to home
Summer adventures do not have to require traveling far. There are plenty of exciting ideas close to home.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to think that the ultimate vacation adventure requires venturing far and wide. But there are plenty of exciting ways to get your thrills even if you don’t stray too far from home. Here is how to plan a summer adventure right in your own neighborhood.

Visit an amusement or theme park. Spending a day or two at a theme park or amusement park can expose travelers to different rides, sights, attractions, food, and people. Six Flags Entertainment Corporation operates 27 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Water parks, summer carnivals and local theme parks also can make for fun excursions.

Scale great heights. Figure out what is the highest peak where you live and then hike to the top of that lookout. Many of the tallest peaks in North America are along the border between the state of Alaska and Canada, but there are plenty of lofty elevations elsewhere on the continent.

Try a new food. Experience a new culture by visiting a restaurant that serves food from a country that you’ve never visited. You can score even more brownie points if you opt for an ingredient that is new to you as well.

Go rafting or tubing. The power of moving water is very impressive. Rafting and tubing enables people to get swept away by rapids and see the landscape as it goes rushing by. Choose a pace that suits you and build up rapid size and speed as you gain more experience.

Try a new water sport. Stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking can be entertaining ways to enjoy the water. These are not only great adventurous activities, they’re also solid workouts for many parts of the body.

Go fishing. Fishing may seem like a slow-paced sport, but your adrenaline soon will be pumping when a fish bites and you’re reeling in a monster catch. Some of the best times to fish are at dawn and dusk when fish are more likely to hit.

Swim in the ocean. Head to the coast and dive through the waves. The summer months are the perfect times to take a dip as the ocean water becomes a more comfortable swimming temperature. Always swim in locations where lifeguards are present, and be sure to check red flag warnings for rip currents or rough surf. Keep an eye out for marine life as well.

Catch a baseball game. Purchase tickets to a game at a stadium near you and cheer on the team with thousands of other fans. In addition to watching Major League Baseball, there are many minor league teams with impressive stadiums. Tickets for minor league games may be easier to come by and softer on the wallet.