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Ladies Golf Invitational A Swingin Good Time
From left, Gina McKinney, Julia Haidlen, Delaree Woodbury and Debbie Robinson walked away with the tournament’s best-dressed foursome during the Swingin’ Safari themed Ladies Invitational at Oakdale Golf and Country Club. - photo by JAGADA CHAMBERS/THE LEADER
It started with a theme and closed out as one of Oakdale Golf and Country Club’s all-time greats when the ladies of O.G.C.C. took to the course for the Ladies Invitational July 24 and 25 at the country club.
Members joined forces with two guests to form foursomes who played to the theme of “Swingin Safari” with matching animal print blouses and decorative carts for the two-day event that also boasted a host of other events throughout the weekend.
Members of the club showed up in good spirits in support of the club’s ladies invitational, which runs for two days every other year, giving the female golfers their moment in the sun in the midst of the summer months.
“Everything really turned out wonderful,” tournament chairwoman Addie Hansberry said. “I have to tell you, it was one of the best events I’ve been involved with. My whole vision came together as far as the games, decorations, the food. Everybody seemed to really totally enjoy themselves.
“I don’t think it could have come out any better.”
The ladies were obviously all in support of the designated theme, wearing classic safari print clothing and decorating their carts with images normally saved for the jungles.
“I think everybody just got really enthusiastic about the theme,” Hansberry agreed. “I think that it lead to the ladies trying to find tops with animal prints, decorating their carts with animals and things on them.
“It really became a fun theme that everybody got into.”
The support that all participants showed did not turn the invitational into a second hand performance on the course, with several teams turning in scores in the low 120s over the 36-hole marathon.
As usual, the horse race event took center stage on day one of the activities and it came to a fitting end when O.G.C.C. mainstay Katie Pelucca nailed a putt to bring the title home to her four-member team.
Pelucca teamed up with Carol Thoming, Laura Heiser and Nomi Yamamoto for the horse race title.
The championship for the first flight lowest net score was taken down by Adele Quessenberry, Cathy Barton, Sharon VonTersch and Katja Holmquist, who shot an impressive 125 on day one followed by a 119 on day two.
Diane Cummins, Kristi O’Brien, Sheree Niles and Christine Janson teamed up for first place in their flight, shooting a 131 on day one and a 117 on the invitational’s second day.
Pelucca’s squad continued their hot strokes, winning their flight with a 129 on the first day, followed by a 121 in the finale.
The teams with the lowest gross score for each flight were Liz Colombo, Christina Stokman, Margie Christensen and Theresa DeHart in the first flight, followed by Bobbie Bajema, Mary MacAfee, Patty Gregory and Tomi Spor in flight two.
Linda Borrelli, Fanny Lay, Cindy Holloway and Kristi Green put together the lowest gross in the third flight.
The invitational was a success on all fronts, yet it was not a glaring success by accident. A lot of hard work, time and effort went into the groundwork, making the two-day invitational one to remember.
“We started planning in January,” Hansberry said. “When I put it out there for the girls, I call them my dream team, I dream something up and they make it happen. We have some really talented ladies; Debbie Pottle, Paulette Aldrich, Marlene Brown; they’re all really talented ladies.
“They really came out for me.”