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Fishing Report 5-13-20
Local angler Steve Lagoe shows a 10-pound trout that he caught recently while trolling a fire tiger Rapala. Photo Courtesy Of Lake Amador

Since last week, there have been a few of our local lakes that have reopened with restrictions. You would think that anglers would be excited about this, but the opposite has happened. Some of the lakes reopening, are only open to county residents. As you can imagine, this isn’t settling well with a lot of those who want to fish the lake. Even though it is not the lake’s decision, some anglers have vowed to never visit that lake again, for denying them access. My first thought when I found out that they would be opening with restrictions, was that I was happy to see them at least opening. When I found out that they would be denying non-county residents, I wasn’t happy. What I don’t understand, is for months the Delta has been open to anyone from any county. Now they want to open some of their lakes, and not allow us to visit their lake. Looking at things in a more positive way, I’m glad that there are a few more options other than the Delta. The crowds have been tough to deal with at times, and I’m sure many of them would prefer a trip to the lake. Just make sure you’re a county resident or at least the person driving is!


Delta Report:

Plenty of post spawn fish are being caught on reaction baits right now. Franks Tract continues to be a hot spot for bass. Vegetation throughout the Delta is starting to take over a lot of dead-end sloughs and grass lines are forming. Most of the bass I caught were holding on the deeper grass lines visible at low tide and attacked the swim bait right before or after passing over one. There are still plenty of bass to be found on beds but I’d much rather blind cast for them.


Lake Don Pedro:

The lake is finally open to everyone. As a result, there are a lot of people heading to the lake and as the weather improves expect to be bouncing around all day if you’re in a boat. The fishing on the other hand has been great. Anglers trolling for trout are being welcomed back by limits of trout while trolling spoons between 35 and 100 feet deep. Anglers fishing for bass are also catching a lot of numbers. There are plenty of fish being caught up shallow right now for anglers fishing from the surface down to 30 feet deep with their favorite bass lures.


Lake McClure:

“The lake is open for shore fishing and boating for residents of Mariposa County along with the eastern Merced County communities of Merced, Atwater, Winton, Cressey, Le Grand, Planada, Livingston and Snelling. Also included are residents within 10 miles of the lake, Coulterville and La Grange.”


Lake Camanche:

South Shore is only open to residents of Calaveras County. There will be driver’s license checks at the gate to ensure only county residents are allowed into the lake.


Delta Launch Ramps that are open:

Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island, B and W Resort on the Mokelumne River, Hogback on Steamboat Slough, Suisun City, Benicia 9th Street, Sugar Barge on Bethel Island, Kings Island, Paradise Point, Pittsburg Marina, Holland Riverside Marina, Turner Cut, Eddo’s Marina, Sherman Island.


Tip of the Week:

A lot of boaters have a throw cushion on their boat that is required by the Coast Guard. Very few boaters have it readily available. I’m as guilty as anyone of having my throw cushion stored somewhere in my boat that I can easily get to but isn’t exactly readily available. This year I’ve made it a habit of mine to make sure that it’s readily available, not in a compartment but right out in the open.