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The Mother Ship
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This one’s for the ‘Moms.’

The true road warriors of the family. The ones who spend as much time in their car: driving, shuttling, reading and yes, waiting so their families can pursue dreams and be cared for.

Now granted some may see it differently. The intent is not to exclude the dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle or anyone else who may assist in the ‘process’ or also serve as Uber driver. Today, however, the shout out goes to the moms.

The past month and a half I’ve spent some time visiting with Mustang moms. Many of them I’ve known since their children were little, now young men and women pursuing academic and athletic goals/dreams.

Last Friday as I watched footage of our Sac-Joaquin Division III champion football team stream into town I thought of those moms.

It’s important here to not just point out but keep in mind, this is not about football or football moms. One friend noted it would be nice if the town turned out for all our top winning Division teams. Her point is valid, in my opinion, and I’m sure the Marching Mustangs and Academic Decathlon Team might like that too.

This however is not about the welcome home parade or treatment the town gives to football. This is about the dedication we see to be our purpose when gifted with the ‘mom’ title.

Whether the kid is carting around a violin, swim gear, soccer cleats or football pads Mom manages to get them there. Mom manages to maintain the family calendar and often (if like me) says a prayer that she doesn’t ‘miss’ something.

You know, the day you feel you’re winning at life, because you managed to arrive early with your cargo for a practice. Only to then be told you’re an hour early or on the wrong day. Yep! I’ve done them both and laughed with the others (and my kids) as I learned of my booboo.

There’s a special kind of pride which washes over a Mom when we sit in bleachers at a game, a fold up chair by a pool deck or soccer field, or seats of a theater. A lot goes into those moments. To see them excel, overcome fear, face the potential without hesitation … it’s a prideful moment.

As the ones doing the work, they want more than to do their best. If you’re raising a competitor they want to win. They don’t want participation acknowledgement, they want the title. As their driver, the one who catches post practice feedback, we know this. Often times we hear it in their voice as they start to progress. The confidence and self-assurance, we as parents want instilled in them.

As the moms we nurture. We reassure them of how proud we are, regardless of how they may finish. We’re proud of their commitment, perseverance and growth. As the competitors we raise, often times they don’t want to hear it. They want to go back and do it again … get the win.

There’s a special kind of pride that comes when you’re able to share a win with your child. Hard work indeed pays off. The pride however, the pride is there from the moment the lights go up and they prepare to ‘do their thing.’ That’s what this is about.

To all those moms, my fellow warriors, as you sit in cars reading as you wait; as you look at the gas gauge hoping you have enough to get them to practice on time and as you mutter to yourself ‘I must be nuts’; remember  you are not alone.

There’s a host of us out there, thinking the exact same thing.

Lastly, when the lights go up (so to speak) and your passenger does their thing, know your pride is not just felt but understood. Thank you.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.