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Cleaning House
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Teresa Hammond

I’m cleaning out cobwebs and it’s never felt so freeing.

That’s what I came to realize last week, as I took stock of my life and the way in which I allow things to affect me.

Now for those extreme Type A’s planning their annual “purge” or home/storage Spring Cleaning, those aren’t the cobwebs I’ll be addressing in this piece. To the contrary, the cobwebs I found myself clearing out were the “rocks” as we say in our yoga practice, which have been holding me down.

In short and in my true hippy/free spirit, I spoke my truth and let the rest fall as it may.

For those who have reread the first three paragraphs a few times, forgive me. I realize this may read as a bit of gibberish and I get it. This isn’t intended to confuse or critique how anyone else is living their life, some fear the truth – and that’s okay.

I’m in my true second phase of life now, however, and being real and in my truth has never felt more important than it does right now.

The reality of life which I’ve heard since a young age is, we aren’t made for everybody and that’s okay. The trick is to find the ones your cloth was cut for and love on them hard. I seem to be finding myself in that space more and more in this season.

But back to the cobwebs.

As a brief aside, I’ve been an inconsistent student of yoga for close to a decade. While the physical element of a hot power yoga practice has served me well, it is indeed the emotional and mental piece of the practice which somehow seems to take me “next level” as it were.

One take away from the teachings of the practice which has benefitted me most is the recognition and acceptance of choice. “You choose” were words I would hear from instructors locally, as well as during my lessons and travels in Sedona.

Such a simple concept, yet often so tough to recall.

So last week as I faced a few hurdles in my personal life, I thought of how I would like to clear them. One came by way of parenting, as navigating this teen portion of my children’s life seems to have really rocked my world from time to time. I’m still trying to learn or get to know these lean giants who now inhabit my home. If being completely honest, it’s a hurdle more times than not, I not only don’t clear but face the other side flat on my face.

Oh sure, I’ve googled my fair share, only then to realize there are 21 ways to Sunday to cut any situation with a teen and more perspectives on how to handle than there are hours in the day. Last resort, do as my mom did – learn as you go.

I have little doubt there is a long apology session in my children’s adult future, but for now I continue to show up and do my best along with the other parent warriors.

So as I fell to the ground of the parenting hurdle, I dusted myself off and faced the next personal one with the hurdle height seeming a bit taller than the one before. Daunting? Yes. But empowered with the notion of “I choose” I took a deep breath and forge forward with truth and grace – cleared that one.

And so the hurdles continued to go and as they did, well … I felt lighter. My brain felt less fuzzy and oddly enough the sides of my mouth climbed north up my face; joyful smiles.

Now I recognize this column is about as vague as a column can get and that’s okay. The reason? Quite simple … It’s not about the details, it’s about the choice.

Some people choose to live out loud, create a lot of attention around themselves and thrive on being the one front and center. While others go through life simply, yet people flock to their energy and the genuine love they feel from the individual’s heart. Naturally there’s also the angry, insecure oblivious to their own shortcomings and happy to take as many down as possible with them.

How we navigate through this as humans is two sided, yet still leads to choice. We choose not only which person we wake up to be, but also which ones we care to keep close. It all matters.

So last week as I released those cobwebs, in tune with my power of choice and grateful for a heart which is open and not bitter I couldn’t help but giggle.

Maybe this is all still gibberish to some, while for others a reigniting of what you lost or maybe you just discovered the beauty of choice. Either or, I offer this – before diving into that closet, corner of the garage or old abandoned desk this Spring, clear those karmic cobwebs. I promise, it may not make you lighter for that must-have swimsuit, but it will make you brighter for that must-have life. After all – you snooze, you lose. Happy cleaning.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.